Development & Relief without Borders

What we do:

Development Relief without Borders (DRB) works for supporting needs of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.



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How we work:

We provide the Palestinian and Syrian refugees personal services and give them their human rights to survive.


Working in partnership:

DRB provides the refugees in foodstuff and equipments need in cooperation with Associations that are responsible for each camp.

DRB also works with the Palestinian football academy by making activities in many activities, one of these was the red umbrella. To empower women in our society.

Where we work:

We work in various camps around Lebanon; DRB is in strong position to identify the needs of Palestinians and to work towards more sustainable and responsive Aids.

Our impact:

We have reach out to the most camps in Lebanon in order to achieve our goals in saving and taking care of many families, also to improve their living and to face the crisis.





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    Today, nearly 65 years after Palestinian refugees first arrived in Lebanon, families still face a desperate shortage of basic services and support. There is chronic bad health throughout the population and amongst young children in particular.

Of course, the road is long, and not without challenges. It will need an ongoing level of financial support, from DRB and its supporters.