Palestinian Refugees deserve to

    Eat, Play, Learn and Protection

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Development & Relief without Borders (DRB) is a Lebanese registered NGO providing support to the humanitarian needs of Palestinians refugees in Lebanon. The lack of a political solution to the conflict puts DRB in a position to provide services in compliments with human right to survive. DRB established in 2007 after the conflict of Nahr Elbared camp.

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DRB and through its services could established a strong partner relations with both Palestinian and Lebanese NGOs in addition to international charities.

DRB board of committee:

Dr. Hikmat El-Ghaddaf  (Dentist)

Dr. Hicham Diab  (Dentist)

Mr. Abboud Abi Abboud

Mr. Imad Ibrahim

Miss. Rima Yousef 

Facts & figures (UNRWA)

-447,328 registered Palestinian refugee

-12 camps

-69 schools, with 32,350 pupils

-2 vocational and training centers

-27 primary health centers

-1 community rehabilitation center

-9 women’s program centers


    Today, nearly 65 years after Palestinian refugees first arrived in Lebanon, families still face a desperate shortage of basic services and support. There is chronic bad health throughout the population and amongst young children in particular.Of course, the road is long, and not without challenges. It will need an ongoing level of financial support, from DRB and its supporters.